The conditions in which your business’ windows are can make a difference in whether your office is perceived as a dull and lifeless office or a vibrant and lively office. This is a great deal. Windows collect dust, dirt, and spider webs over time, and neglecting them can only lead to a negative impression on your customers. Similarly, your staff’s mood can be affected as well and productivity can suffer.

Although cleaning your windows may seem an easy task to take on, it is not always the case. On many occasions, having an employee clean a high window can put your employee and your business at risk. Should the employee suffer a fall, it can lead to serious complications and a long term of workers compensation and retribution.

Our trained professionals are experts in window cleaning and have the most effective technology and equipment to ensure your windows are cleaned safely. In addition, we don’t use a simple solution of water and soap or household cleaning products. The Gals use Unger technology to clean windows up to three stories high without the use of ladders. Unger also removes water impurities that cause streaks and water residues.

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