The Gals Cleaning Services provides unmatched industrial & construction janitorial services to manufactory facilities and construction sites with critical needs or excessive debris. From factory plants where security is a top priority to small job sites where safety is a concern, we have the cleaning experience required to guarantee that no rock or crevice is left unchecked thus creating a working environment that is slip-proofed and cleared for working conditions.

We are mainly focused on, but not limited to:

  • Hygienic facilities with cleaned restroom areas.
  • Spill correction and control, especially in areas with fluid lines.
  • Anti-degreasing and stain correction to improve flooring lifespan.
  • Maintaining all high foot-traffic areas to avoid trips and falls.
  • Extra attention to food courts and break areas to reduce germ growth.
  • Spotless lobbies and receiving areas to ensure the storefront is appealing to clients.
  • …and more

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