Nothing takes more abuse in the workplace than the flooring. Foot traffic, spills, moving furniture, stagnant furniture, poor floor care, etc, can all cause rapid wear on your flooring regardless of the material they are made of. Replacing it costs a fortune and repairing them, although a less expensive alternative, can also be a heavy undertaking and more expensive than floor care. Most importantly, repairing and replacing flooring often requires a business to close or move operations for safety reasons. Professionals can reduce the frequency in which flooring can be replaced or repaired with proper floor care practices and the right floor care cleaning products and equipment.

Carpets are the most common choice of flooring by many businesses except for those that are prone to spills such as hospitals and schools. The Gals Floor Care Services consists of two methods: Extraction and Encapsulation. The extraction method consists of a wet vacuum with a balanced solution of water and chemicals that will clean up the toughest carpets. This method is commonly known in residential cleaning as “shampooing” the carpets.

Encapsulation, on the other hand, is a more revolutionized method where we will pre-vacuum the carpet to extract as much debris as possible. The carpet is then treated with a special polymer that crystallizes and isolates persistent debris that it can later be vacuumed.

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